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    The only place to sell your classic vehicle

    Place a Cranky add (it takes minutes) list your Classic Race car, Rally car, Crank It Up” style=Road car, Transporter or Motorhome for FREE.
    You can list anything spare parts, regalia, what’s on in your club or the spouse if you so wish.
    No Time Limits for our Cranky Classified adds If it doesn't sell within a month you just re-list your add, again for FREE no catches.

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    Free Classified Add

    Crank It Up” style=Our Cranky Free Classified add includes 1 add, 4 photos a YouTube video, and full product description.
    You can sell and get paid to your PayPal account or simply have contact with your interested purchasers.

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    Simple Navigation

    Crank It Up” style=Our Cranky Free Classified add includes 1 add, 4 photos a YouTube video, and full product description.
    You can sell and get paid to your PayPal account or simply have contact with your interested purchasers.

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    Simple User Dash

    Crank It Up” style=Cranky's simple to use cloud interface requires virtually no IT skills. If you can type a letter in ms word your are sorted.
    Simply get your Add Copy ready before you start so you can cut & paste.
    Select your pictures from your PC to upload and that's it you're done.
    We can even provide a word document with all the fields that you need to fill in (coming soon).

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    Auction or Classified Add for any Classic Vehicle Item

    Crank It Up” style=Don't be shy.
    Vehicles, parts, paraphernalia the more off the wall the better.
    Should you get stuck with a suitable heading/category for your listing just drop us an e-mail.
    We are here to help.

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    Parts or Barn Finds

    Crank It Up” style=Whatever you have spares leftovers they are valuable to someone.
    Just by enrolling (Its FREE) you receive one classified add for Naff All.
    It takes no more than a minute to enroll..

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    Coming Soon Specialist Trade Supplies

    Crank It Up” style=Classic Cars Specialist or Trade Supplier.
    Create your own sales area within Cranky.
    Come and Crank up the sales with us.
    Cranky does all the Sales and Marketing you concentrate on your specialist business.
    We simply become one of your rout to market outlets.
    Contact us on the form below today.

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    Crank It Up” style=Maximise your add exposure.
    You don't have to your Add is still free
    But for no more than a fiver give your add a Featured Listing or Car of the week or Month!!


We have put a great amount of effort into ensuring that our Buyers and Sellers alike have a venue to list items and find the best deals on the net. Sellers will find a simple, listing process, with the ability to upload photos with their listings. This site is packed full of features for our sellers and a world of buyers is literally at your fingertips.
It's Free !!
Unlike our competitors our
Classified adds are FREE
Advertise to our visitors who view 1.5 million pages of content each month.
40 word description, 4 photographs and YouTube video link.
All for Naff All !
Simple Listing
The Cranky "Listing" process is so simple to use your dog could do it.
Our site guides you through each step of the process which only takes a minute or two before your listing is live on Cranky Shaft, Facebook & our Cranky App for Android.
Our site is integrated into Facebook.
All listings will appear on our Cranky Shaft Facebook page for our followers to see & share.
We will even have a FREE to use Android App for people to follow our every move.
Yup hate to harp on all FREE Of Charge
Want More?
Auction your vehicle, spare parts anything you wish.
Maximise your fun vouchers. List any thing associated with classic vehicles.
Coming soon
List your Classic Car Clubs upcoming events in our new
Whats On section
What Even More !
Why not leave it to us.
No Sale No Fee
Vehicle Auction

Cranky's lady in waiting (Miss Spelt) will set up your Auction words, spec, etc and build a PDF overview of your vehicle.

Simply sit back & leave it all to Cranky.

What People Say

  • CC82259_1

    Richard Wager


    Just what it says on the tin
    Sold in 24 Hours.
    Who could ask for more ?

    5 / 5
  • owens-tc

    Endaf Owens

    Llanelli, Wales

    Works for me every time.
    And they are helpful infact Miss Spelt is quite tasty in the flesh lol

    5 / 5
  • 894495_153775301453698_708689707_o

    Snetterton Speed Shop

    Snetterton, UK

    We're in here just search for SSS and you can rent a drive in our highly competitive classic Mini. Come and win with us in 2015.

    3.8 / 5
  • index

    Bill Sollis


    An affordable route to competitive motorsport.
    Great for book promotions.

    5 / 5
  • swift-tune-130x127


    Kent, UK

    Our race winning components are now only a click away. We have specialised in developing and building A Series motorsport engines and transmissions for 49 years with great success. Our Research and Development programme never stops on the flow rig,the dyno and where it matters the most on the race track to give our customers race proven reliability and performance.

    5 / 5
  • afbeelding4

    pro1one Lubricants

    Orange County, California

    Sold exclusively in the UK via Cranky Shaft.
    Pro1one manufactures an industrial line of high film strength, earth-friendly lubricants able to withstand extreme pressure and heat.

    5 / 5

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